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Can People With Astigmatism Also Wear Lenses?

Did you know that there are contact lenses especially for people with astigmatism? Generally, the cornea is round, but when you have astigmatism, it's more oval-shaped, sort of like a football. This affects how light hits the retina, and results in blurred vision.

The lenses eye doctors use to correct astigmatism are called toric contact lenses. What differs between these and common lenses is the design. Think of them as the bifocals of contact lenses; they contain one power for your distance vision issues and another for your astigmatism. They are designed with curvatures at various angles. Because of their multiple powers, toric lenses need to remain in place on your eye. This is not the case with normal lenses, which can move around on your eye without affecting your sight. However, toric lenses are cleverly designed with this in mind, and they are weighted slightly at the bottom, which stops them from moving around.

Just like regular lenses, toric lenses come as soft disposable contact lenses, daily disposable lenses, and frequent replacement lenses. And people with astigmatism need not worry about options; toric lenses also come in color, or as multifocals. Hard contact lenses, also called rigid gas permeable lenses, have a stronger shape which helps them stay in place, but they aren't always as comfortable as soft lenses. Together, we can find the most suitable lens type for your eyes.

Toric contact lens fittings might sometimes take up more time than regular contact lens fittings, due to the fact that these lenses are slightly more complex. Still, with constant improvements in eyewear technology, individuals with astigmatism can take advantage of the benefits of contact lenses, with many options to choose from.